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Bringing laughs and powerful tools for your team to thrive.




Overwhelm Out!

A humorous and engaging look at what stress is and how to cope with daily stress and overwhelm.

Playful and practical sessions to learn and apply tools for better connection, management of stress and uncertainty, communication and collaboration.

Yes, And..


An engaging session to learn and apply powerful communication techniques such as productive listening and having healthy debates.

Yes, And..
Face Uncertainty & Increase Resilience

The team will learn and experience techniques to increase acceptance, risk taking ability and flexibility.

Yes, And..

An interactive session to learn and apply creativity techniques such as expansive brainstorming and creative problem solving.

Can't Hammer A Screw - Build Your Toolbox

Practical sessions tailored to your team so they build the toolbox that helps them tackle their everyday situations.

Customized training

Let’s talk about your needs and what magic we can create for you and your team!

I help you go from the old paradigm of the “busy & stressed” and lean into “productivity & joy”.

1:1 Coaching

We work closely together to help you create order and habits leading you to your goals, making it sustainable and without burning out.
Online & in-person

Tailored to your needs & location

Location is not an obstacle anymore. Whether your team is online or offline, we can help bring the energy, connection and laughter.


Because your team is your most precious asset, wherever they are

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