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Gen made me discover a new way of enhancing my productivity while staying connected to my true self and aligned with my personality. Her mind training tools were effective to unwire my very traditional “no pain, no gain” way of thinking and replace it with a joyful way of approaching my very ambitious objectives as I’m bringing my fast growing company to the next level. I highly highly recommend her work!


Founder & Director, Canada

Coaching for the busy leader

We work closely together to help you create order and habits leading you to your goals, making it sustainable and without burning out.

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I felt I wasn’t making any progress with my endless to-do list and overflowing inbox and couldn’t be fully present with my family. I wasn’t comfortable setting boundaries and was saying yes to everythingOur work together provided tools and strategies to focus on what really matters at home and on tasks that yield the most impact at work while managing stressI feel more equipped to set boundaries and have various strategies to revert to when stressful situations come up. Definitely, it was good to be held accountable for the goals that I set for myself and I feel I am in a better place because of the sessions. The sessions always included a lot of fun and laughter!


Head of Human Resources and Corporate Services, Toronto, Canada

Typical session

Our sessions are structured according to the priorities we establish together – we review the progress, address challenges, brainstorm strategies, and determine the next action steps. I always come to the session prepared to add value according to your priorities, however, I am flexible to adjust if you prefer addressing a time-sensitive issue.


Time management and personal efficiency

Stress management and leadership mindset

Effective communication

Building influence and strong relationships


Individual 30-60 minutes sessions tailored to your needs and goals.

Sessions happen virtually over Zoom.

Packages start at €200/month.

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What my corporate manager clients say about their coaching experience:

*These comments were collected as part of an anonymous post-coaching survey by Coaching Right Now.

Genevieve helped me in ways I didn’t even realise at the time, but I’ve ended our sessions a totally different manager than I was when I went in to it.

Every session she quickly adapted to my difficult situation du jour, and was always able to provide actionable, helpful, insightful guidance. She made awesome summaries and listened very carefully to my needs and questions.

Gen is fun, nice and flexible. She is able to adjust towards my needs and she helped me to change my perspectives in becoming a manager.

She is very professional but works in a good mood which makes it possible to have very open discussions and to get answers.

The results are there for me and the team. My coach helped me unlock great actions, constantly.

Excellent understanding of the challenge and relevant questioning and guidance.

She always took the time to listen and properly organised all my thoughts which allowed both of us to work collaboratively on actions to take. It is always useful to take the time to step back, analyse the situation and get an outside view from someone you trust who has experience and is there to help you develop.

Gen understood areas I wanted to improve on, and she provided me realistic and actionable items to work on over a period, and review the results in following sessions. She has also provided me many useful information and resources that will be very useful to me.

My coach provided honest feedback throughout the entire process, and shaped each session according to what I felt was most urgent to discuss. She also helped me have a better understanding of what my drivers/motivations/values are.

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About Geneviève

Geneviève is an accredited life coach (IAPC&M), certified mindset specialist, productivity and leadership development coach (Fortune 500 companies), improv facilitator and performing singer. 

Her specialty is helping busy leaders create clarity and space, so they can focus on what matters most for them and their team. Geneviève has coached hundreds of leaders at all leadership levels to reduce overwhelm and build strong teams while focusing on their highest point of impact, mainly in the industries of tech, manufacturing, communications and events.

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