60% of new managers fail within their first 2 years in management

Source: CEB Global

When leaders struggle, performance drops, culture suffers, and talents leave.

Who can afford that?

There are plenty of leadership development resources out there, but most are heavy on theory and light on practicality. The problem? Knowing what to do is just one piece of the puzzle. Real skill-building involves self-awareness, motivation, feedback, and practice.

Enter Joy Not Stress. I help your leaders build the needed skills (and apply them in practice) so they can enjoy their leadership duties, and make a real difference in their team’s lives, the organization’s success, and their own sanity. Leadership is an important role, but shouldn’t be a chore. 

Let’s reduce the stress and make more space for joy and connection.

Our Mission

Make personal and professional growth accessible and effective by making it entertaining and fun.

Our Values

Our Word Is Sacred

We do what we say.


Yes, And

We co-create with you, and with circumstances, to get to the best results possible.

Religiously Fun

We bring the energy and enthusiasm in all interactions.

Powerfully Simple

We keep things simple because complex doesn’t get done.

Why Jot Not stress?

Geneviève's Story

Geneviève led teams in the event management and marketing verticals, working, traveling and living in more than 20 countries (while learning how to speak 4 different languages). She also found herself in a pattern.

After burning herself out once, she changed job.
After the second time, she made more drastic changes in her life.
After the third time, she figured that something else was at play.

She had to change both external AND internal conditions to sustain her performance without the typical peak and crash.

Now, she helps leaders manage themselves effectively, and companies to provide the conditions for their workforce to thrive.

She has coached hundreds of leaders at all levels to reduce overwhelm and build strong teams while focusing on their highest point of impact, mainly in the industries of tech, manufacturing, communications and events.

As a facilitator, she is known to bring energy, create a safe space for professionals to connect, and provide engaging learning experiences. There is no behavioral change without memorable experiences!

Geneviève is an accredited life coach (IAPC&M), a certified mindset specialist, a leadership development coach (Fortune 500 companies), an improv theatre facilitator, and a performing singer.

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There is joy in simplicity.

Self leadership and team leadership tips in 100 words or less. Weekly.

Reduce Stress. Build Strong Relationships.

Get Results.