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Practical training sessions based on positive psychology and play, for better connection, management of stress, resilience, communication and collaboration.

Below are topics that our trainings cover.

What surprised me is the variety of practical exercises – getting the opportunity to practice the approach directly. Plus your fun energy! 🙂

Laura Tufis

Founder at The Marketing Palette and Board Member at HUTAC Huygens Talent Circle

Personal efficiency

There’s always more things to do than the time, energy and focus we have available. As work load increases, how can a leader be in control of their work, instead of feeling like the work is in control of them?

It is critical to learn how to juggle personal priorities, team support and organizational needs.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Get tangible about how to reduce and cope with daily stress and overwhelm.
  • Learn and practice tools to stay on top of your priorities, and help your team to do the same.
  • Gain strategies you can implement today to manage stress points such as emails, meetings and calendar management.

Creativity and Innovation

In today’s fast-changing world, innovation is key to lasting organizational success. Leaders are responsible to foster an environment in which innovation is celebrated and facilitated – your people are already creative, you have to create the space for their creative genius to expand.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand creativity killers and how to build a culture that fosters innovation.
  • Practice applied improvisation principles to solve problems creatively.
  • Use a collaborative brainstorming methodology leading to innovative solutions, and inclusive of every team member’s input.
  • The team will learn and experience techniques to increase acceptance and their risk taking ability.


Effective collaboration is now a competitive advantage. In our modern world, we collaborate 50% more than 20 years ago – no matter your organization’s goals, it will require that your people  interact effectively, collaborate well and have powerful conversations. Yet, 86% of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures (Clear Company) – which adds to stress levels daily. Let’s collaborate!

Key Learning Objectives

  • Make your conversations positive, enhance collaboration and boost creative thinking with the Yes, And!
  • Learn to manage the collaboration killer – Yes, But!
  • Sharpen your listening skills to position yourself in a conversation, and learn to debate productively.

Location is not an obstacle anymore. Whether your team is online or offline, we can help bring the energy, connection and laughter.


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