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Learn To Lead Yourself First To Become A Great Leader

Being a new manager is challenging – building a culture, leading the vision, work demands, meetings, emails… and navigating the transition from being a high performer to achieving success through others! The cherry on top : being a great leader is about your habits and behaviors on the daily – whether you want it or not, your actions impact the actions of your team. Are you showing up at your best?

In this humorous and musical talk, we will look at three crucial aspects to manage with practical strategies to have an immediate impact on your leadership.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn what to focus on for ultimate impact
  • Learn how to set boundaries the right way
  • Increase your self-awareness and learn to manage emotions effectively

Participants came away from the session feeling enthused by Genevieve’s facilitation style, but also with a number of tangible takeaways that they could put into practice immediately. Again, the content felt very relevant to our overall themes for LearnFest.

Natasha Gadenne

People & Transformation, Essex City Council

Keynote Experience


Improve Your Relationships And Get More Done, Together

We collaborate 50% more than 20 years ago – the quality of relationships and collaboration skills in the workplace can often make or break a project….and a career. How can we enhance collaboration when everyone is busy, stressed, and on a deadline?

Key Learning Objectives

  • Listen productively – it works!
  • Understand what they want, so you can create win-wins
  • Learn the ultimate co-creation tool (More yes, AND…less yes, BUT)

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Location is not an obstacle anymore. Whether your team is online or offline, we can help bring the energy, connection and laughter.

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